Tokugawa Award 2018

Tokugawa  Award 2018 for Shindokai Dojo.

Olaf Lotze-Leoni get the Tokugawa Award 2018 at the seminar in Cottbus from Hanshi H.D.Raucher 8.Dan for his outstanding performance in Budo.


(Deutsch) Reguläres Training wieder im Shindo Dojo

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(Deutsch) Iaido Prüfung

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Kobudo Demonstration at the Cherry blossom festival 2018

The Shindo Dojo Hanover made a demonstration in Kobudo at the annual cherry blossom festival in Hanover.

The team around the leadership of Shihan Olaf Lotze-Leoni, made an demonstration in Bo-jutsu and Sai-jutsu. It was a beautiful warm day and cherry blossom everywhere, a lot of people join to watch the demonstration that makes this day special.

Thank you very much to the team



(Deutsch) Kobudo Seminar in Twistringen

Visiting the Dojo of the Budo Shin Dojo SC Twistringen, they held seminar with Hanshi Toshihisa Sofue 8.Dan Kobudo and Kyoshi Masahiko Futawatari 7.Dan Kobudo.