Pricelist – Valid from November 2018

Membership SKKD e.V. Participation to examinations, seminars and championships 30 € per year / 20 € per year (concessions)*
Sponsoring membership SKKD e.V. Sponsoring SKKD e.V. 10 € per year and over
Membership continuous training in Hannover Participation to continuous training in all branches

(Membership SKKD e.V. required)

20 € per month
Guest training (except sample training) Participation to one training session in Hannover 10 € per day
Participation to examination (Membership SKKD e.V. required) 25 € per Kyu-Exam

18 € per Kyu-Exam (concessions)*

50 € per Dan-Exam

* concessions are kids and under aged youths