Okinawa Kobudo

Shorinjiryu Shindokai Kobudo

at the Shindokai Dojo

Kobudo is taught by Shihan Olaf Lotze-Leoni 6th Dan Kobudo and is an collection of traditional weapon systems of Okinawa. Kobudo, in times past also called Kobujutsu, stands for weapon techniques and systems originally developed in Okinawa. Kobudo means “little budo” or “old budo”.

This unique martial art from Okinawa includes learning how to handle the following weapons:

Rokushaku Bo/ Kon (long staff 183 cm)


The Bo or Kon is the most widespread weapon and impresses with its versatile application and a great number of kata and partner exercises. The Bo originates in the carrying staff of farmers or the shepherd’s crook used to fend off wild animals.

Sai (three pronged fork)


The metal Sai consists of three prongs of which the middle one is the longest and the two at the side are short. The Sai is used for thrusting, stabbing, striking as well as in locking and throwing techniques. Mostly it is used against Bo and sword. Similar as with the Bo, there are a lot of Kata to be learned with the Sai.

Tonfa (handle of a millstone)


The Tonfa is made of wood and goes back to / used to be the handle on a millstone used for grinding rice. Nowadays it is also used quite often in self-defence. It can be used as a punching, locking or striking weapon, but especially the swinging techniques show the wide variety of this weapon. There are several traditional tonfa kata with very different applications.

Kama (sickle for cutting rice)


The Kama is made of a piece of stick with a mounted sharp blade. Techniques of the Kama are punching and cutting techniques to vital points to render the opponent unable to fight.

Nitanbo (double sticks, 70 cm)

As the name indicates, the Nitanbo consists of two short sticks at about 70cm of length. The techniques of this weapon evolved out of the necessity to keep fighting even after a staff was broken in half. It is strongly influenced by countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

We also practice with:

Yonshaku Bo (Jo, staff 120 -130 cm)

Japanese sword(Katana)

Japanese knife (Tanto)

The main elements of training are Kata and their application as well as practical application in self-defense.

Kobudo is a special challenge in handling traditional Japanese weapons. At the same time it’s an excellent addition to weaponless martial art and a must for every Karateka.

Also philosophy and culture of this old martial art is being taught in the Dojo.

Training times : Friday 7.00 – 8.00pm

It’s always possible to organize seminars with Sensei Lotze-Leoni 6th Dan.

The Shindokai Dojo is one of the few schools who  offers competent Kobudo in Hanover and the greater Hanover region.