Aikido und Aikijutsu Semianr

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Aikido and Aiki-jutsu Seminar at the Shindokai Dojo Albringhausen on the 18.11.2017

On Saturday the 18 of November 17 will be an Aikido and Aiki-jutsu seminar at the SHINDOKAI DOJO ALBRINGHAUSEN under the leadership of Shihan Olaf Lotze-Leoni.

  • Venue: Shindokai Dojo Albringhausen
  • Time: Saturday starts 10.00 am until  05.00 pm
  • Costs: 25,- Euro
  •  Aikiseminar_2017


Everyone is welcome to join


Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo grading at Shindokai Dojo Hannover

On Monday the 23rd of october 2017 students from the Shosonkai Dojo Sievershausen passing the test in Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo at the Shindokai Dojo Hannover under the watchful eyes of Shihan Olaf Lotze-Leoni.

Tolga Güner 4. kyu
Nick Christophersen 4.kyu
Finn Glitza 4. kyu


Congratulation good job.


Successful Shorinjiryu Shindokai Kobudo grading

In the last training at the29th of September, before autumn vacation, students from the Shindokai Dojo had successfuly grading in Shorinjiryu Shindokai Kobudo

  • Gracie Kaufmann 8. kyu
  • Henrik Burmester 8.kyu
  • Helmut Weibchen 8. kyu
  • Gunnar Menke 4. kyu
  • Sebastian Färber 4. kyu

Congratulation, well done!



13th So Go Budo Taikai in Cottbus ( 23./24.09.2017)

It was again a pleasure to be part of the instructor team at the 13th So Go Budo Taikai in Cottbus. Many different martial arts taught at the this event like Karate, Shaolin Kempo, Kobudo Bo and Sai, Iaido, Kendo, Ju jutsu and Combat Arnis. Instructor from all over Germany and Poland create the instructor team this year und the guardian of H.D. Rauscher (8.Dan Karatedo Hanshi) and Christine Rauscher (7.Dan Iaido u.a.).

Thanks goes to Raimo and the organizing team. See you soon again.