Back from the Deensen seminar

We are back from the seminar in Deensen at the Shite dojo. Many high ranking instructor teaching at the seminar and it was again a great experience. We also introduce the first time Koshiki Karate at the seminar. The Shindo Dojo was successful and Sandra Leoni passed the test for 3.Antas Combat Arnis, Olaf Lotze-Leoni 3.Dan Kama jutsu as well as Arne Bendt for 1.Kyu Iaido

Koshiki Karate
1.Kyu Iaido

Succsessful Seminar in Woking UK last weekend

Last weekend was the UK Koshiki Karate seminar with Kyoshi Olaf Lotze-Leoni 7.Dan in Woking/ England at the Dojo of Shihan Ciaran Mitchell, many jung students from different dojo in the UK came over for training

First Day saturday training
Sunday training
Thank you Shihan Ciaran

Succsessful Seminar in Cottbus last weekend

Tokugawa dojo 2019

Last weekend was the tradtitionla seminar in Cottbus under the leadership of Hanshi H.D.Rauscher and Kyoshi Chr. Rauscher. Assisstant instructors are Sensei Olaf Lotze-Leoni and Sensei Tibis Rönicke Kobudo and Sensei Dr Sven Hildebrandt Iaido.

The Shindo Dojo awarded as Tokugawa dojo and national trainingscenter 2019.

Also Sensei Olaf Lotze Leoni passed the exam for 5th Dan Tonfajutsu.


Venue for Training from April on at the Glockseeschool.

From April on all Training Kobudo and Karte will be at the Glockseeschool


Shorinjiryu Kenkokan Karatedo and Koshiki Karate Seminar in Surrey/ England