DAKO/ IMAF german championship and seminars 2019

At the international German championship in Giessen, the Shindokai Dojo was successful with 4x Gold medal, 5x Silver medal and 3x Bronze medal. At Sunday Sandra Leoni passed the exam for 2nd Dan in Sai jutsu and Sensei Olaf Lotze-Leoni the exam for 5th Dan Iaido/ IMAF. Altogether was it a great weekend.


Summer camp Shindokai 2019

Our annual Shindokai summer camp at the Shindokai Dojo Albringhausen with nice BBQ afterwards.


Okinawa Super Karate

Back from the Super Karate championship in Naha/ Okinawa. Sensei Olaf Lotze-Leoni recieve the rank of 8th Dan and title of Hanshi from Masayuki Kukan Hisataka Kensei 10.Dan, a great honor.


First Tosa Eishin ryu Iaido in Germany

The first Tosa Eishinryu Seminar in Germany. The Shindokai Iaido group together with Hiromichi Ohtani 8th Dan Hanshi

Demonstration at the Shincha festival in Diepholz from the Karate Kids at the Dojo Albringhausen

The Karate Kid’s from the Dojo Albringhausen did a great Karatedo demonstration at the Shincha fest in Diepholz. Also we demonstrate Iaido which finds a great interest.